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What’s On

The last post was a little long and just a heads up, the next one is too… so to break it up a little I am introducing ‘What’s On’ Wednesdays. Every Wednesday, I will share a new playlist. (I know, I know, hold your applause.) We’ll cover every genre, every occasion but this week just to get you started I’m posting TWO… a workout playlist AND a dinner/entertaining playlist.

Those close to me know that another obsession of mine is music and I am constantly updating playlists based on my mood, upcoming events or the vibe. I scour the web in search of workout or dinner playlists and every single one has Brittney Spears??! Not this one.

Quick disclaimer: In case any of you are sensitive, my music sometimes can be loud, vulgar and not appropriate for everyone so please take what you wish and leave the rest for the real gangstas… But by all means share what you like in the comments as well and enjoy!


Gym // Run // Workout Mix
Created (of course) on Spotify

Dinner // Chill / Entertaining Mix
Created (of course) on Spotify


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