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Let’s Talk DivaCup

Since summer time is almost upon us, the season for adventure and white shorts, I would like to offer a post for the ladies. Gents, if you squirm when women talk about their cycle, this article isn’t for you, go do something “manly” like listen to this super dope workout playlist.

June this year will be an entire year of me using the the DivaCup... that’s about 240 tampons saved and 100% of the chemicals inside them, avoided.

Let’s start with the basics, what is DivaCup? 

Stated simply, the DivaCup is a menstrual cup… Cups like these have been around for years, but the more common route to go in the past has been tampons and pads. Knowing what I know now, I will NEVER go back. The DivaCup is made of natural, un-pigmented silicone that softens with body heat and forms to your body. It can be worn up to a 10–12 hours and should be emptied, washed and rinsed at least 2–3 times a day.preview-diva-cup

Here are 5 reasons I LOVE the DivaCup:

1. Who likes chemicals? Not me. Using tampons and pads delivers harsh chemicals directly into your body. From surfactants, adhesives and additives to polyethylene plastic and dioxin… these are definitely things I think I would rather avoid. DC (DivaCup) takes away all of those concerns.


2. Green is good. As I mentioned above, the average woman uses 20 tampons per cycle. Say each of us menstruate for at least 40 years… that is 9,600 tampons going into the trash aka our environment, per person. A lot of the substances, or the tampons and pads themselves, find their way into the earth, washing up on shorelines and causing pollution in general. If we could cancel out the waste before it ever began, would you? With DC you can.


3. To leak or not to leak. With DC you no longer have to worry about leaks. Sure there is that trial and error period (haha get it) that you go through with anything new, making sure you’ve installed it correctly. But after that, you are golden. I have been swimming, running, gyming, biking, hiking, camping… you name it, things stayed where they belong. Also the day-to-day timeline of the DC is 10-12 hours, much longer (AND MORE SAFE) than the standard 3-4 hours you get with pads and tampons.


4. Show me the money. During adulthood we shell out money on things we wish we didn’t have to all the time. I can tell you tampons were one of my most hated things to purchase. It seemed like every time I went to the store they were more expensive. Last time I looked, they were around $13 a box. DC SAVES YOU MONEY. The cost of the DC, which is only around $20-$25 (depending where you buy it), pays for itself in 2-3 months time. With the proper care and depending on your body, DC can last an entire year or longer.


5. Hygiene is cool. So, sometimes people think periods are gross. I truly believe it is because of pads and tampons… When menstrual flow is exposed to air, it can have an unpleasant smell. When you remove it and toss it in a canister, yeah it is kind of gross. With DC, you flush it and clean your cup, done and done, nothing “left over”. One thing I haven’t seen on other articles like this one, is the way it makes your body feel… tampons leave me not feeling so clean and fresh yet with the DC, I feel clean, confident and comfortable.


DivaCup is just one brand offering this type of product but there are dozens more. I chose DC not only because of the product and the positive vibes the company puts out there, but the large community it has to offer. They have a dedicated blog offering health and life advice for women and their social media showcases hundreds of women’s stories just like mine, all offering their unique perspective. Whether you choose DC or something else, just be safe and protect your body, it’s the only one you will ever have. I guess the same could be said about earth…




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