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Amy Maxwell
I believe in the power of conversation & the bonds it can build, especially within women. Join the conversation as we shape our mind, body & soul into something chic.
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The Beginning

Everyone must begin somewhere, this place is mine, and yours.

First the Basics:
My name is Amy Maxwell, I’m a scuba diving Gemini and a Generation Y with an online browsing addiction. I work from home doing graphic design (and browsing) with Frank-the-lab under my feet and Chloe-the-cat purring from the window. You can learn more here.

One morning spent procrastinating, I had an idea— After reading dozens of reviews and trying to get real life insight on everything from fitness products to all-natural dog treats, I decided I needed to start a blog. Within this blog I would share all of this “research” in friendly posts, similar to the conversations my friends and I were already having.

This blog will not only be a place to give, get and share information, but a place for everyday women like myself to relax and read about things that might be important to them. For example, a post coming up this week… “Shorts Made For Thighs”. I don’t know about you but the battle to find the right running shorts that don’t have me tugging and tap-dancing mid-run, rages on. To keep the curiosity coming, another post in the works, “A Couple of Muscles” is an interview with a married couple that works out together (yes, together as in ‘spot me’, ‘one more rep’, ‘you can do it’) every morning. HOW do they do it? We shall find out.

If any of this piques your interest or you want to laugh with us, comment or share, join us on this adventure and please join the conversation.


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