Shape & Chic


Amy Maxwell
I believe in the power of conversation & the bonds it can build, especially within women. Join the conversation as we shape our mind, body & soul into something chic.


Fancy meeting you here! I’m Amy Maxwell, a graphic designer who’s mind never sleeps, so I decided to start Shape & Chic—

As a longtime giver of unsolicited advice to friends and family, I have decided (for better or worse) to offer those very thoughts to friends and strangers alike. I believe in the power of conversation and the bonds that it can build, especially within women. This is in no way a blog for feminist rants, just a place to share and be heard about topics ranging from fitness and relationships, to power women and the latest tech trends.

The older I get, the more I understand the need for women to support each other, lend a hand, an ear, an opinion… We are such a unique group, capable of more than we even know. Historically, the mere words of women have started and ended wars, its time we realize that and begin to have MORE conversations together. I’d love to chat so please feel free to send ideas, questions, anything…

On a more personal note, I also believe that one should have many passions so when I am not clicking away on my beloved Mac devices you can find me scuba diving, hiking or exploring the world with my husband Josh. I am the proud parent of Chloe the Cat and Benjamin Franklin Maxwell the lab. Thanks for stopping by.